New York Japanese Restaurant

Kanoyama is an elite New York Japanese Restaurant known for their superb quality of sushi and Japanese cuisine. Other New York Japanese Restaurants cannot compare to Kanoyama's exquisite, unique selection of sushi and Japanese specialties. They have gained recognition from Zagat and Michelin for achieving the freshest, artfully arranged sushi pieces at sensible prices, a combination that sets Kanoyama apart from the competition and has earned them the reputation of the 'go to' New York Japanese Restaurant. Kanoyama's menu offers sushi, Japanese entrées, soups, salads, sake, and menu specials every day.

If you're looking for sushi variety, this New York Japanese Restaurant has got you covered. With a grand assortment of diverse sushi at an accessible price range, New York Japanese Restaurant Kanoyama provides sushi options that are suitable for every taste and budget. Kanoyama also provides intriguing vegetarian sushi combinations such as a vegetable roll entrée and sushi available by single pieces.

The notorious Kanoyama New York Japanese Restaurant uses a large diversity of the freshest fish from Japan. Their fish selection includes only the highest quality varieties of Akoudai, Kamasu, Sanma, Isaki, Kuromutsu, and much more! They also feature the best Toro and Uni from Maine and California.

Tuna is another high on demand fish at New York Japanese Restaurant Kanoyama. Three types of Tuna are used to create Kanoyama's most popular dishes and sushi rolls including Blue Fin, Big Eye, and Yellow Fin. Unsure of which Tuna is right for your taste buds? Consider selecting the Blue Fin Toro, it is the most popular choice of sushi lovers that visit Kanoyama. This type of Tuna is supplied from Canada, Boston, and the Mediterranean.

If you're in search of an exceptional Japanese dining experience, look no further than the finest New York Japanese Restaurant, Kanoyama. Their delectable Japanese options are sure to send your taste buds on an adventure. Satisfy your craving for fresh, extraordinary, and delightful Japanese cuisine that can only be found at this premier New York Japanese Restaurant. Experience the distinctive flavors of Kanoyama and discover the New York Japanese Restaurant that everyone is raving about!